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Industrial Custom Built

Crest Dutch Machinery designs and built lamination equipment for your specific needs. We have over 3 decades of experience, a professional engineering team and a focus on reliability. As we have built a lot of machines in the past, we can base your solution on an implementation we did before, or we design a solution for you from scratch.

Below you’ll see some examples of machines we have recently built, if you have questions about one of these or would like to talk with us about your specific need, please feel free to contact us.

Glass panel protection laminator

This unit applies protective foil on both sides of a ready glass panel, as seen in dashboards, machinery, operation panels, touch screens, etc. (with optional printer for barcodes, etc.)

Insulation shield half fabricate laminator

Applies adhesive and cover layer, cross cuts (diagonal on the fly) panels in large volume.

High accuracy touchscreen laminator

Precision over speed, in this situation there is no room for error.

Coreless winder

Unique machine that winds material like carpets and underlayment without the carton cores, saving money, waste and weight.


Crest has several solutions for un- and upwinding, in combination with our special built machines or as option to our base units.

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Whether you’re looking for a standalone machine, a solution with in- and output equipment or an integrated application into your production line, we are your dedicated partner.


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