Tecnología de matrículas

Crest es un lí mundial en la lí completa de producción de matrí. De Alemania a la India, de Polonia a México. Encontrarà nuestras mà en todas partes en este mercado vertical muy especializado. No solo las pelí protectoras y reflectantes tradicionales, sino también la aplicación de marcas de agua y las modernas soluciones de seguridad electrónica como RFID està cada vez mà integradas en las soluciones que ofrecemos en todo el mundo.

Global leader in license plate blanking lines

Crest Dutch Machinery B.V. is a very well experienced independent, international operating company, and a global leader in full license plate production. Everything is done by ourselves, 100% in-house design, engineering, production and assembly of the machines. Also worldwide installation, training, service and maintenance is done by ourselves.

Since 1990 Crest produces high-end License-plate Production-lines (Blanking lines) in order to produce High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) over more than 30 countries.

Crest License Plate laminator

Driving Superior License Plate Lamination

The lines are standard suitable for all worldwide common license plate dimensions and reflective foil-types/brans like Plain-foil and Graphic-foil. The line can be customized by integrating several techniques in order to add holes on exact locations and to add different safety futures. The line is standard equipped with an Internet module for remote access to the line for remote support, trouble-shooting and software updates.

We can supply dedicated blanking-tools for every plate size for cutting and edge-embossing, also including integrated hole-punching and back-stamp for back-side logo.

Crest License Plate laminator

Features License Plate blanking lines

Several machines to apply safety futures to the blanks or automatization can be integrated in the Blanking-line like:

  • Hologram unit for different sizes and shapes
  • Laser marking units for ensure/watermarks, logo’s, serial-numbers, QR/BAR-code’s, etc.
  • Inkjet marking units for logo’s, serial-numbers, QR/BAR-code’s, etc.
  • RFID integration
  • Hole punching units up to 4 holes per plate
  • Foil-slitters to trim oversized foil
  • Automatic plate stackers
  • Vision camera systems to check blanks on defects
  • Vision camera systems to check blanks on defects
  • Synchronization software for serial-numbers in case of number on front and back-side


Among complete blanking lines, we also supply related machinery such as:

  • Embossing press and Embossing (Clapper) Dies
  • Hot Stamping machine in various models
  • Standalone Hologram units
  • Standalone Laser Marking units
  • Inkjet marking units
  • Blanking tools (Cutting and Edge-embossing)
  • Roll to Roll converting / marking machines

Did you know?

Crest is a global leader in the production of license plate lamination equipment? From Germany to India from Poland toMexico. You will find our equipment over more than 30 countries worldwide. Not only the traditional protective and reflecting films, but also the application of watermarks and modern electronic security solutions such as RFID are more and more integrated in the solutions we offer all over the world.

Related Machines

Crest Marking Cutting unit

Hologram Marking / Cutting unit

General information:

  • Universal and modular Roll-to-Roll unit for marking reflective sheeting or any other sheeting in general
  • Easy to add one or more Marking-units
  • Single or multiple (Laser) markings per sheet
  • 30°ensure in random order or positioned according Graphic logo
  • Different marking types per sheet such as combination from Hologram and Laser
  • Integrated control and easy to separate units for less floorspace and easy transport and installation
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Crest Hologram Stamping Unit

Hologram stamping unit

This dedicated hologram unit is especially developed by Crest for hot stamping Hologram logos onto license plates. Compared to the existing units on the market, this Crest Hologram unit has high cycle speed and maximum adjustment possibilities to the various dimensions of license plates and hologram shapes and dimensions. The servo controlled web transport from the blanking-line ensures an accurate and fast positioning underneath the hologram unit.

A special sensor measures the stop-position of the graphical (Euro) logo or Tick-mark and corrects the position from hologram unit, if necessary, with an fast acting servomotor to ensure always the right Hologram position according the graphical (Euro) logo or Tick-mark.

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