Coreless Winder

La Crest Coreless Winder se ha concebido para enrollar materiales como alfombras y bases de refuerzo sin núcleos. Los rollos sin núcleo acabados se pueden recortar a la longitud deseada conforme a las
fórmulas de entrada y se pueden envasar en una bolsa de manera semiautomàtica.

This machine can be custom made. Please let us know what your wishes are.


  • Buffer unit controls the speed of the machine to ensure an immaculate production process
  • Top roller is equipped with an anti-stick coating
  • Bottom roller has a rubber coating to create friction to hold and feed the material
  • Crosscutting unit to cut the material at the desired length with knife carrier and a soap dispenser to keep the knife moist
  • Five driven shafts with discs that fork into each other till the desired length on the roll is reached
  • Roll transportation unit is equipped with a collection tray with a conveyor belt for transport to packaging unit

The design can be altered to meet specific requests