Coreless Winder

The Crest Coreless Winder is developed to wind materials like carpets and underlayment without cores. Finished coreless rolls, can be cut to the desired length according to input recipes and can be packed into a bag semi-automatically.

This machine can be custom made. Please let us know what your wishes are.


  • Buffer unit controls the speed of the machine to ensure an immaculate production process
  • Top roller is equipped with an anti-stick coating
  • Bottom roller has a rubber coating to create friction to hold and feed the material
  • Crosscutting unit to cut the material at the desired length with knife carrier and a soap dispenser to keep the knife moist
  • Five driven shafts with discs that fork into each other till the desired length on the roll is reached
  • Roll transportation unit is equipped with a collection tray with a conveyor belt for transport to packaging unit

The design can be altered to meet specific requests