Our industrial laminators are capable of working with various sorts of metals. With the Crest industrial laminators it’s possible to apply adhesive coatings.

Crest laminators are perfectly suited to work with metals. Our machines are able to apply permanent or temporary coatings or films to metals such as:

  • stainless steel
  • aluminium
  • tin

With the Crest laminators it is possible to apply adhesive coatings on metal sheets in a sheet-by sheet process. It is also common for the material to be wound on and off a roll to be laminated with another material to form a semi-finished product.

We have the knowledge to process or inspect the finished or semi-finished products with among others:

  • Perforating
  • Embossing
  • Laser marking
  • Hologram or RFID implementation
  • Camera inspection

Whether it is to give a product appeal or whether the material properties are desired: metal is used in all conceivable market segments.


Medical Face Mask Laminator

Our solution:

The “Mask Fabricator” seamlessly laminates 4 materials (e.g. non-wovens) with highly variable mechanical properties, into a perfectly bonded, flat, and wrinkle-free material. Precise tension control and mechanical and software integration transform this machine into the perfect production line integration machine. The cleverly designed splicing table provides quick splicing of new materials to ensure maximum productivity.

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Full Automatic De-Laminator

Our solution:

Featuring unrivaled autonomy, our de-laminator effortlessly processes plastic plates located on a pallet at its front. A high-precision fully automatic Pick & Place unit serves to feed and align the sheets with utmost accuracy. Once fed, a high-tech tape application solution applies tape to connect the protective films of successive sheets. After a precision split knife continuously peels the connected films from the sheets, it will be wound onto its own winding positions. Another unique characteristic of the machine: it offers dual-sided operation, removing protective films from both upper and lower surfaces of the sheets.

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Web Embosser

Our solution:

Designed to master temperature dynamics and pressure calibration, our web embosser delivers flawless embossing, crucial for the production of highly accurate patterns on materials destined for vacuum-sealed medical waste bags. Additionally, and depending on the embossing pattern, it offers versatility for decorative applications or next-generation nanostructures, such as smart films.

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Medical Laminator

Our solution:

Crafted for high-demanding cleanroom operations and fully FDA-approved, our laminator efficiently handles the challenges of processing semi-vulcanized rubber, guaranteeing seamless lamination and cutting for top-tier vaccine enclosure production. Read more …

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Hot Stamping Machine 240

Unlike the HP120, the Hot Stamping Machine 240 is equipped with a transport belt, featuring an automatic plate transport system, making it ideal for integration into automated systems. Its wider design allows for processing two plates simultaneously. The 240 stands out with its advanced temperature control system, which features individually adjustable heating elements for consistent roller temperatures, ensuring uniform heat distribution throughout the plates.

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Hot Stamping Machine 120

Introducing the Hot Stamping machine – a cutting-edge solution for swift and precise coloring of embossed license plates. Using a variety of colored foils, it guarantees uniform and accurate results. This machine is distinguished by its intuitive touchscreen interface, offering extensive capabilities for various settings and checks, including for example error indications, counters, and customizable pin/access codes.

Another standout feature of this machine is its variable speed control, a unique functionality not typically found in similar equipment. This feature allows for optimal transferring processes and improved cycle times, enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

Equipped with a built-in temperature regulator, the machine consistently achieves flawless product finishing, maintaining the highest standards of quality in every operation.

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Stand-alone Roll-to-Roll Hologram-stamping machine

Discover the ultimate solution in hologram application with our Stand-alone Roll-to-Roll Hologram-stamping machine. Expertly designed to apply holograms onto foil rolls with precision and ease, this machine features state-of-the-art servo-controlled positioning, allowing for exact placement either by length or aligned with your specific graphical logo. The advanced hologram-foil positioning system operates flawlessly with tick-marks or programmed lengths, ensuring every application is perfect.

Experience hassle-free operation with our pneumatic inflatable winding shafts, a generous 3” in size, designed for maximum efficiency. And the best part? Our machine’s modular design means it’s not just a stand-alone unit. It’s future-proof, ready to integrate seamlessly with additional units such as laser and ink-jet printers, expanding its capabilities to meet your evolving business needs.

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Hot Stamping Machine

A Universal Hot Stamping Machine is designed for stand-alone operation and automated line integration. It features easy operation through a touchscreen panel and adjustable process speeds for enhanced efficiency. The machine offers versatile execution options, including single color, single color with preheating for accelerated cycle time, and two colors in a single pass.

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Automatic Stretch Controlled Laminator

Laminator equipped with dual laminating units for single-pass lamination of two foil layers. The initial layer consists of reflective sheeting, while the second layer is versatile, offering a choice between permanent protective foil or optical clear double-sided adhesive (OCA).

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Laminator Fly Cutter

Laminator Fly Cutter

The Crest Laminator Fly Cutter has been specifically developed to laminate various sorts of sheets, single or double-sided, hot or cold. Ingeniously engineered to separate laminated sheets automatically, the fly cutting system ensures a non-stop production process, especially suitable for polyurethane foam, or even wood.

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Glass Panel Laminator

The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is developed to apply protective foil on one or both sides of glass panels. This solution is perfect for:

  • Touch screens
  • Dashboard screens
  • Small glass sheets
  • Mirrors, etc.

The machine is equipped with driven rubberized laminating rollers to apply the film to the glass plates. The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is supplied with two conveyors to load the glass plates in the correct position and to collect the glass plates behind the machine.

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Laminator Slitter

The Crest Laminator Slitter is developed to laminate different adhesives and films to foam materials and slitting it to the desired width before rewinding on a roll. Fast switching between materials can be done by the rotary carousel mechanism. With the lifting system on top of the laminator, the operator is able to change the rolls of material quickly and safely.
With adjustable added (internal and external) heat, the process can be optimized to perfection for each material.

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Winder / Unwinder

The Crest wind up / unwind units are developed for handling various media. The units feature auto-tensioning and automatically regulated wind up speed for perfectly wound rolls. Crest also designs specific winders/unwinders for the handling of bigger rolls and weights over 1000 kg.

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Winder Slitter Laminator

The Crest Winder Slitter Laminator is a heavy duty machine developed to laminate foam on a polyester base and slitting the materials to the correct size. Base materials are fed from ø1200mm big rolls (up to 500kg) by the unwinding units and are slit to the correct width by the slitting unit. After slitting, the materials are laminated. In order to optimize the material properties, a second laminating roller set is placed that stretches the material slightly and pressurizes it again. Before winding the laminated material, it can be slit to the correct width and in multiple strips.

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The Crest TS laminator is a high quality lamination machine using heat and high pressure. The machine is very suitable to apply a protective laminate on top of UV printed substrates for example. The TS’s special characteristics avoid silvering effects when applying pressure sensitive laminates on rough surfaces and UV printed material.

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Rotary Die Cutter

The Crest Rotary Die Cutter is designed to perform a variety of winding, laminating and cutting techniques, from cutting, kiss cutting, quillotine-cutting to punching, scoring and slitting on many different materials, such as plastic, paper, foam, rubber, foil and adhesives. Due to its modular system up to 17 different application units can be applied and interchanged with ease. This makes the Rotary Die Cutter especially convenient for different products and processes.

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The Crest ES 1600 is a multi-functional machine for high-quality laminations, panel mounting of images and encapsulation of prints. The machine is available in a 2 and 4 laminating roller version. The Crest machine is suitable for pressure and heat-sensitive lamination and encapsulation processes. It is able to process various types of lamination and encapsulation supplies.

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Crest Roll Loader

The CRL-300 has been especially designed to transport, load and unload heavy rolls. Special attention has been given to health and safety aspects. One person is able to move around and load or unload heavy rolls efficiently and without the risk of injury. The CRL-300 has a low frame design and takes rolls from storage and transport them to equipment loading stations. The handwinch is equipped with an automatic brake mechanism and operates easily without excessive physical force.

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