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Ever since the start of Crest in the early 80’s, industrial partners choose us for expert converting applications. Our broad experience and solutions are available to you across the world.

Our typical customers are ranging from ones knowing what type of Crest equipment they need to the ones not knowing if it is possible to laminate their product and/or material. In any case, you can trust us to create, configure to order and deliver the perfect solution for you.

We have the knowledge and expertise to create and deliver any lamination solution for your production line.

Crest - LaminatorCrest - laminator

Automotive industry

The automotive industry is going through a rapid transition where electrification and the application of new, lighter materials are a challenge. We have the specific knowledge needed in your production processes to move forward rapidly.

Car interior parts like headliners, glass products like mirrors and sunroofs, noise insulation, vibration damping and mounting batteries in BEVs. We see the use of thin electronics integrated in parts taking off. The application of lamination in the car component industry is endless.

We are global leader in the production of license plate lamination equipment. Not only the traditional protective and reflecting films, but also the application of watermarks and modern electronic security solutions as RFID are more and more integrated in the solutions we offer all over the world.

“Driving” superior lamination, we get you going!

Crest - License plate production line

Electronics industry

Ever more you will find electronic functionality integrated in material like construction panels, windows and screens. With ultimate precision our solutions and equipment can apply thin electronics like printed circuits, perovskites solar cells and touch screens.

Smart components will change construction in various vertical markets. Lamination is key in the production of semi-finished products and specific parts.
We have built solutions for applying nano technology on glass, produce solar panels and add connectivity to construction panels.

For accurate lamination in High Tech markets, we are your dedicated partner.

Crest - Electronics

Sign & Display industry

Our solutions are used worldwide in both new digital processes and the ongoing markets of posters, traffic signs and all sorts of specific signs for vertical applications.

The rise of digital signage and interactive touchscreen applications have led to new developments in laminating production processes.

Today digital signage even starts to move out of its dedicated picture frames and find its way to further integration in various panels and windows. Laminated in material with another main function.

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Crest - Digital Signage

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Whether you’re looking for a standalone machine, a solution with in- and output equipment or an integrated application into your production line, we are your dedicated partner.


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