Crest Dutch Machinery delivers industrial laminators for various markets. No matter what industry you’re in, we have the knowhow and create the best lamination solution.

When you’re looking for a trusted partner who can help you with your lamination process, don’t look any further. At Crest, we have more than four decades of experience with end-to-end lamination solutions. We have the knowhow how to help various industries at different stages in their production process that includes lamination.

Our industrial laminators are developed to laminate various materials for various applications. Our industrial laminators are also distinguishable in its processes such as roll to roll, roll to sheet, sheet to sheet and sheet to roll.

At Crest, we think it’s important to know about the developments that are going on in your industry in order to be aware of your needs and to constantly adapt. Our broad experience in developing lamination solutions extends far and transcends specific branches. With our creativity and technical knowhow we are skilled to develop industrial laminators that meet your needs and time.


Crest is a trusted supplier of industrial laminators to the automotive industry. We’ve developed many solutions that contribute to the production of car parts like dashboard panels, mirrors and touch screens.

High tech

With our industrial laminators we contribute to new digital processes in the high tech industry. Our machinery is capable of laminating thin electronics with ultimate precision in applications such as printed circuits and touch screens.


Crest is a well-established global supplier of industrial laminators in the display industry. With our lamination solutions it’s possible to create flexible and weatherproof products where technology is integrated.


With our industrial laminators we enable our customers in the converting industry to combine multiple layers of material into new materials and products. We offer the right machinery that is capable of slitting and cutting.

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