Custom solutions

Besides the industrial laminators from our portfolio, we can develop a custom solution. We develop a solution according to your wishes including all peripheral equipment.

With our experienced engineering team we focus on reliability. We can base your solution on an implementation we did before or we design a solution especially for you from scratch. To give you the slightest impression of what we’ve done before, take a look at the machines we have recently built.

Your solution

Don’t look any further since Crest offers you the best solution for your production process. With our experience we design and build custom solutions perfect for your specific needs. With more than three decades of experience, we get you going.

Our knowledgeable technicians are able to create the solution you are looking for. We are able to create a machine that solves your problems. We provide related products to complement our ready-made standalone or inline solutions: wind/unwind units, infeed/outfeed tables, pick & place units or other robotics, conveyors, printers and measuring/control equipment, etc.

To ensure you can work safely with our product, we also have support equipment such as Crest Roll Loaders or other lifting equipment.

If you have questions about one of these or if you would like to talk with us about your specific need, please feel free to contact us.


Roll Sheet Cutter

Roll Sheet Cutter

The Roll Sheet Cutter has been developed to cut (slitting and cross-cutting) all kind of materials, such as Paper, Foil, Vinyl, Fabrics, Carpet, Foam, etc. from roll to sheets for the Sign-, and Converting industries.

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Flat Door Laminator

Large Nip Laminator

The user-friendly Large Nip Laminator has been developed for professional and industrial applications in all areas involved in the production, manufacturing and processing panels up to 130mm in thickness, like for example doors.

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Crest Marking Cutting unit

Hologram marking / cutting unit

General information:

  • Universal and modular Roll-to-Roll unit for marking reflective sheeting or any other sheeting in general
  • Easy to add one or more Marking-units
  • Single or multiple (Laser) markings per sheet
  • 30°ensure in random order or positioned according Graphic logo
  • Different marking types per sheet such as combination from Hologram and Laser
  • Integrated control and easy to separate units for less floorspace and easy transport and installation
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Crest Hologram Stamping Unit

Hologram stamping unit

This dedicated hologram unit is especially developed by Crest for hot stamping Hologram logos onto license plates. Compared to the existing units on the market, this Crest Hologram unit has high cycle speed and maximum adjustment possibilities to the various dimensions of license plates and hologram shapes and dimensions. The servo controlled web transport from the blanking-line ensures an accurate and fast positioning underneath the hologram unit.

A special sensor measures the stop-position of the graphical (Euro) logo or Tick-mark and corrects the position from hologram unit, if necessary, with an fast acting servomotor to ensure always the right Hologram position according the graphical (Euro) logo or Tick-mark.

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Laminator Fly Cutter

Laminator Fly Cutter

The Crest Laminator Fly Cutter has been specifically developed to laminate various sorts of sheets, single or double-sided, hot or cold. Ingeniously engineered to separate laminated sheets automatically, the fly cutting system ensures a non-stop production process, especially suitable for polyurethane foam, or even wood.

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Sheet Laminator

The Crest Sheet Laminator is developed to laminate a film to individual sheets, such as paper and plastics. After the lamination of the materials, the sheets will be cross-cutt in order to separate them into individual sheets again after which the sheets are being placed on a stacking table.

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Laminator Slitter

The Crest Laminator Slitter is developed to laminate different adhesives and films to foam materials and slitting it to the desired width before rewinding on a roll. Fast switching between materials can be done by the rotary carousel mechanism. With the lifting system on top of the laminator, the operator is able to change the rolls of material quickly and safely.
With adjustable added (internal and external) heat, the process can be optimized to perfection for each material.

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Winder / Unwinder

The Crest wind up / unwind units are developed for handling various media. The units feature auto-tensioning and automatically regulated wind up speed for perfectly wound rolls. Crest also designs specific winders/unwinders for the handling of bigger rolls and weights over 1000 kg.

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Winder Slitter Laminator

The Crest Winder Slitter Laminator is a heavy duty machine developed to laminate foam on a polyester base and slitting the materials to the correct size. Base materials are fed from ø1200mm big rolls (up to 500kg) by the unwinding units and are slit to the correct width by the slitting unit. After slitting, the materials are laminated. In order to optimize the material properties, a second laminating roller set is placed that stretches the material slightly and pressurizes it again. Before winding the laminated material, it can be slit to the correct width and in multiple strips.

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The Crest TS laminator is a high quality lamination machine using heat and high pressure. The machine is very suitable to apply a protective laminate on top of UV printed substrates for example. The TS’s special characteristics avoid silvering effects when applying pressure sensitive laminates on rough surfaces and UV printed material.

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Rotary Die Cutter

The Crest Rotary Die Cutter is designed to perform a variety of winding, laminating and cutting techniques, from cutting, kiss cutting, quillotine-cutting to punching, scoring and slitting on many different materials, such as plastic, paper, foam, rubber, foil and adhesives. Due to its modular system up to 17 different application units can be applied and interchanged with ease. This makes the Rotary Die Cutter especially convenient for different products and processes.

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Crest Roll Loader

The CRL-300 has been especially designed to transport, load and unload heavy rolls. Special attention has been given to health and safety aspects. One person is able to move around and load or unload heavy rolls efficiently and without the risk of injury. The CRL-300 has a low frame design and takes rolls from storage and transport them to equipment loading stations. The handwinch is equipped with an automatic brake mechanism and operates easily without excessive physical force.

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Coreless Winder

The Crest Coreless Winder is developed to wind materials like carpets and underlayment without cores. Finished coreless rolls, can be cut to the desired length according to input recipes and can be packed into a bag semi-automatically.

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