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Boasting over four decades of industry-leading expertise, Crest Dutch Machinery stands as the paragon of trust in the lamination sector. We masterfully engineer and deliver advanced industrial laminators, catering to an array of applications, processes, and industries. Our solutions are fortified by the collective knowledge and skill of our seasoned in-house engineering team, ensuring our offering is not only top-tier, but continually evolving to meet the shifting needs of the industry.

Laminating Solutions

Reference Projects

Welcome to Crest Reference Projects, your gateway to exploring our specialized lamination and transfer applications. We offer a comprehensive look at our varied experiences and processes designed to improve efficiency and enhance quality across your projects. Here, you’ll find detailed insights into our tailored solutions that cater to advanced material applications, helping you achieve optimal results in your industry-specific needs. Explore our innovative approaches and see how they can benefit your work.

Smart Glass Lamination

Smart glass or switchable glass is a type of glass whose light transmission properties can be controlled by applying electricity, heat or light across it. Smart glasses are made by placing a smart film or a switchable film between two layers of glass creating a sandwich. There are two primary types of smart glasses available in the market: Active and Passive smart glasses. Active smart glasses require an electric charge to change their appearance while Passive smart glasses do not require it to change appearance. Although both types come under smart glass the term smart glass mainly refers to active smart glass technology which uses electricity to change the appearance or functionality of the glass.

Solar Panels Lamination

Leveraging our vast experience and innovative technology, we provide advanced lamination solutions that address these considerations. Our lamination process safeguards the durability of solar panels, ensuring they withstand diverse environmental conditions and prolong their lifespan. Additionally, our processes are designed to enhance the energy conversion efficiency of solar panels, contributing to the performance and competitiveness of solar energy.

Wide format industrial laminators

Explore our wide (large) format industrial laminating, cutting and winding machines.

License Plate Technology

Crest stands as a global leader in comprehensive license plate production. Our machines span worldwide, from Germany to India and Poland to Mexico, in this specialized niche. We offer more than traditional protective and reflective films. The inclusion of watermarks and modern security features like RFID is growing in our global solutions.


At Crest, we firmly believe that people are at the heart of everything we do, encompassing our staff, channel partners, and esteemed customers. Are you driven by passion in your chosen field, eager to take on challenges, and keen to contribute to a leading organization? Do you have an unwavering commitment to surpassing customer expectations complemented by a ‘can-do’ mentality? Join our team! We are an ever-expanding organization in need of fresh minds with innovative ideas and a positive outlook. Partner with us on this exciting journey as we continue to grow and evolve.

Crest develops industrial laminators for various applications such as foam, metals, plastics, glass and rubber. With more than four decades of experience, we know how to help our customers with their entire production process.


At Crest we distinguish four kinds of processes for our industrial lamination machinery. It describes the shape of material and the way of input and output.

About Crest

With more than four decades of experience, Crest Dutch Machinery is the most trusted partner in the lamination industry. We develop advanced industrial laminators for various applications, processes and industries, backed by our in-house team of highly experienced engineers.


We want to serve our customers optimally in order to guarantee the maximum uptime of the Crest machinery. We will help within the shortest term thanks to our own service team and local partners.

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We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding quality for clients across the world.

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Industrial converting with standard machines all the way to high tech processes with the latest composite materials, printed electronics and nano technology.

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We offer multiple solutions that allow us to configure our equipment to your order and integrate to perfection: input, lamination and output.

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Taking care of our customers and uptime solutions is most important. From installation to training and maintenance, we deliver operational excellence throughout all our solutions.

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Doing your business with us, is doing business with a solid team of professionals that understand your needs and offer the best solutions.

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Whether you’re looking for a standalone machine, a solution with in- and output equipment or an integrated application into your production line, we are your dedicated partner.