Battery Cells Lamination

The production and lamination of batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) stand as key drivers in the progression of the electric mobility sector. Amidst the rising prominence of electric cars and growing demand for renewable energy sources, the enhancement and development of EV batteries have ascended to the forefront of the modern industry. As an experienced and globally recognized player in the field of industrial lamination solutions, Crest adds significant value to this process. We leverage our extensive expertise and global reach to deliver advanced, industry-leading lamination solutions, further supporting the evolution and effectiveness of EV battery technology.


Leveraging our efficient production processes, we laminate a diverse range of battery cells, from wound button cells to stacked pouch cells, enabling the realization of increasingly precise and concurrently more stable cell structures. This positively influences the batteries’ performance parameters. Our cutting-edge automation systems not only enhance throughput but also significantly contribute to the reduction of production costs due to their high process accuracy.


As we develop and manufacture high-precision equipment for battery cell lamination and their integration into comprehensive battery systems, you can capitalize on our extensive expertise in process control, automation, and laser technology.

We provide individual machines suited for laboratory lamination, systems for pilot and small-scale production, as well as complete assembly lines and turnkey solutions for the fabrication of lithium-ion battery cells and modules. Characterized by high production speed, precision, and reliability, our machines and systems uphold the standards of excellence.


The future of battery production and lamination for electric vehicles holds tremendous promise. With ongoing innovation and technological advancement, we can anticipate enhancements in the quality and efficiency of EV batteries, thereby making electric vehicles more accessible and appealing to a broader consumer base. These developments are not only set to positively impact the EV industry, but also contribute significantly to global sustainability efforts.

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