About Crest

We are a leading business in the lamination industry

Crest Dutch Machinery is a global supplier of lamination equipment. With our own production facility and engineering team in The Netherlands, we develop innovative solutions for the lamination industry.

How we started

For more than four decades we have been developing lamination machinery with the latest knowledge and technology. Crest Dutch Machinery started in the 80’s as Sallmetall. At the start of Sallmetall the focus was on the development of machinery for the graphic industry. The company changed its course and started to focus more on industrial laminators for industries like automotive, signage and electronics. With experienced engineers, mechanics and sales team, Crest became a leading company in the lamination industry.

What we promise

Creativity and technical knowhow lead to superior lamination solutions. Solutions for your demands. We are proud to produce and commission, in close consultation with the customer and entirely according to your wishes, high-quality and technologically state of the art laminating machines, including all relevant peripheral equipment. We do this with a team of people who, with their strong passion for technology, have the ambition to serve you as our customer optimally. The excitement begins when we start designing your solution.

We are experts in the development and production of complete laminating solutions. Our mission is to be a reliable, open and honest partner. We strive for sustainable relationships with strategic suppliers and other stakeholders. Our processes are in accordance with ISO 9001.


We are well connected in the industry and are a member of a number of organizations to keep track of technological developments, guidelines and other matters keeping us a leader in the market.