Reference projects

Optical Clear Adhesives film (OCA)

Applying double-side transparent self-adhesive layer on any flat surface for high visual/optical demands

  • Display and Glass
  • Light applications
  • Solar
  • Optical applications in general

Pressure Sensitive Adhesives film (PSA)

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  • Decorative
  • Optical
  • Safety
  • UV / Sun blocking
  • Permanent or temporary protection


Applying double-side self-adhesive layer on any flat surface single-side or double-side such as:

  • Polystyrene insulation panels (EP, EPS, XPS)
  • Foam – Rubber – Wood – Metals
  • EPDM
  • Foamed PVC (Forex)
  • Any ridged or flexible material in general

Mirror Laminator

Mastering complex lamination with difficult materials

Integrating the technological competences of the Mirror lamination Line, we present a comprehensive solution ...

Inline Laminator

Revolutionizing 24/7 Continuous Production

Introducing our Inline Laminator, a marvel in modern manufacturing seamlessly integrated into existing production lines ...


Efficiency and precision in protective film delamination

The Delaminator stands at the forefront of protective film delamination technology, embodying a fusion of innovation, ...


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