Crest Dutch Machinery is a leading business in the lamination industry who delivers state of the art industrial laminators across the globe.

Crest Dutch Machinery is an experienced supplier in advanced lamination machinery: from standalone industrial laminators to complete production processes. With more than four decades of experience, Crest knows everything about this interesting industry. The possibilities are endless when it comes to laminating. Crest contributes to major product innovations and new developments across all kinds of branches with its machinery.

Crest Dutch Machinery doesn’t only develop industrial laminators but takes care of the entire production process as well. From input solutions such as the Crest Roll Loader to the way the finished product is being transferred by a pick and place unit. Even the last step is being thought of by Crest: packaging.

Crest knows how to be of added value. Crest Dutch Machinery has a team of hard working men and women who have all the creativity and technical knowhow. Experienced engineers, mechanics and a dedicated sales team guarantee professionalism.

About Crest

Crest Dutch Machinery started in the 80’s as Sallmetall but changed its focus and course. Nowadays, Crest develops industrial laminators for various applications, processes and markets.


Crest keeps on innovating and knows how to develop smart solutions for customers. Crest Dutch Machinery is an expert in state of the art industrial laminators for the newest applications.


Crest Dutch Machinery is growing and therefore there are a lot of interesting job opportunities. Become part of a team with great ideas and start working on cutting-edge projects all over the world.