Crest Dutch Machinery delivers industrial laminators, cutters, winders, loaders for various markets. No matter what industry you’re in, we have the knowhow and create the best industrial solution.

If you are seeking a reliable partner for your lamination, cutting, and (un)winding process needs, look no further. Crest, with over forty years of experience, excels in providing comprehensive industrial solutions. Our expansive knowledge enables us to assist various industries at different stages of their production processes, inclusive of lamination.

At Crest, we consider it crucial to stay updated about advancements within your industry, ensuring that we understand your needs and adapt accordingly. Our vast experience in formulating lamination solutions extends beyond industry specifics. Leveraging our creativity and technical prowess, we are proficient at crafting industrial laminators tailored to your specific needs and timelines.

Standard Laminators

Crest is a dependable provider of industrial laminators across a diverse range of industries.

Standard Cutters

Our industrial cutting systems play a pivotal role in advancing digital processes within the high-tech industry. Possessing the capability to execute precision cuts across a wide range of applications, our machinery embodies ultimate precision and versatility.

Standard Winders / Unwinders

Crest is a globally recognized and well-respected provider of industrial winders and unwinders.

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