High tech

We think along with our customers in the high tech industry in order to contribute to the production process for state of the art products.

Crest manufactures machinery that can apply thin electronics with ultimate precision in applications, such as:

  • Printed circuits
  • Perovskites solar cells
  • Touchscreens

We have built solutions for applying nanotechnology on glass, produce solar panels and add connectivity to construction panels. For accurate lamination in high tech markets, Crest is your dedicated partner.

In a world where technology is cutting edge and where new developments are popping up while we speak, there are still many solutions to think of to make it even better. More and more, you will find electronic functionality integrated in material like panels, windows and screens. Smart components will change solutions in various vertical markets.

Lamination is key in the production of semi-finished products and specific parts.

Our solutions are used worldwide in new digital processes. The rise of digital signage and interactive touchscreen applications have led to new developments in laminating production processes.

Did you know one of our customers uses Crest Laminators for the production of solar panels?


Medical Face Mask Laminator

Our solution:

The “Mask Fabricator” seamlessly laminates 4 materials (e.g. non-wovens) with highly variable mechanical properties, into a perfectly bonded, flat, and wrinkle-free material. Precise tension control and mechanical and software integration transform this machine into the perfect production line integration machine. The cleverly designed splicing table provides quick splicing of new materials to ensure maximum productivity.

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Full Automatic De-Laminator

Our solution:

Featuring unrivaled autonomy, our de-laminator effortlessly processes plastic plates located on a pallet at its front. A high-precision fully automatic Pick & Place unit serves to feed and align the sheets with utmost accuracy. Once fed, a high-tech tape application solution applies tape to connect the protective films of successive sheets. After a precision split knife continuously peels the connected films from the sheets, it will be wound onto its own winding positions. Another unique characteristic of the machine: it offers dual-sided operation, removing protective films from both upper and lower surfaces of the sheets.

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Web Embosser

Our solution:

Designed to master temperature dynamics and pressure calibration, our web embosser delivers flawless embossing, crucial for the production of highly accurate patterns on materials destined for vacuum-sealed medical waste bags. Additionally, and depending on the embossing pattern, it offers versatility for decorative applications or next-generation nanostructures, such as smart films.

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Medical Laminator

Our solution:

Crafted for high-demanding cleanroom operations and fully FDA-approved, our laminator efficiently handles the challenges of processing semi-vulcanized rubber, guaranteeing seamless lamination and cutting for top-tier vaccine enclosure production. Read more …

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Glass Panel Laminator

The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is developed to apply protective foil on one or both sides of glass panels. This solution is perfect for:

  • Touch screens
  • Dashboard screens
  • Small glass sheets
  • Mirrors, etc.

The machine is equipped with driven rubberized laminating rollers to apply the film to the glass plates. The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is supplied with two conveyors to load the glass plates in the correct position and to collect the glass plates behind the machine.

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Winder / Unwinder

The Crest wind up / unwind units are developed for handling various media. The units feature auto-tensioning and automatically regulated wind up speed for perfectly wound rolls. Crest also designs specific winders/unwinders for the handling of bigger rolls and weights over 1000 kg.

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The Crest TS laminator is a high quality lamination machine using heat and high pressure. The machine is very suitable to apply a protective laminate on top of UV printed substrates for example. The TS’s special characteristics avoid silvering effects when applying pressure sensitive laminates on rough surfaces and UV printed material.

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The Crest ES 1600 is a multi-functional machine for high-quality laminations, panel mounting of images and encapsulation of prints. The machine is available in a 2 and 4 laminating roller version. The Crest machine is suitable for pressure and heat-sensitive lamination and encapsulation processes. It is able to process various types of lamination and encapsulation supplies.

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Crest Roll Loader

The CRL-300 has been especially designed to transport, load and unload heavy rolls. Special attention has been given to health and safety aspects. One person is able to move around and load or unload heavy rolls efficiently and without the risk of injury. The CRL-300 has a low frame design and takes rolls from storage and transport them to equipment loading stations. The handwinch is equipped with an automatic brake mechanism and operates easily without excessive physical force.

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Coreless Winder

The Crest Coreless Winder is developed to wind materials like carpets and underlayment without cores. Finished coreless rolls, can be cut to the desired length according to input recipes and can be packed into a bag semi-automatically.

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