With our innovative lamination solutions, Crest is a trusted global supplier.

Our team of experienced engineers knows how to develop smart and innovative solutions for your issues. We are constantly looking for the newest knowledge and technology to implement.

Solar cells

The innovative Crest machinery is able to apply coatings on solar cells to protect it against bad weather. Thanks to this form of protection, the yield is being improved in the long term.


Innovation is also important to our environment. By developing smarter solutions, we contribute to a greener environment. We develop machinery that decreases plastic or cardboard waste because we understand our part in the circular economy.

New composite materials can be manufactured through the Crest laminators. This results in more sustainable and lighter materials. Due to a longer service life and a limited weight, it affects the means of transportation positively.

Not only our production facility is aware of reducing waste but our offices as well. At the Crest headquarters we encourage our teams to make climate smart choices. Print less, separate waste and encourage coming to work by bike or public transportation. At our headquarter we have charging stations for electric cars to encourage people to drive climate smart.