Standard Cutters

The selection of our standard Industrial Cutting Machines

Roll Sheet Cutter

The Roll Sheet Cutter has been developed to cut (slitting and cross-cutting) all kind of materials, such as Paper, Foil, Vinyl, Fabrics, Carpet, Foam, etc. from roll to sheets for the Sign-, and Converting industries.

  • 4 cold crush-slitting knives, air controlled
  • Shear cross-cutting system
  • Skew function for adjusting alignment of cross-cutting-line to image (± 5mm)
  • Rotation selection unwind

Rotary Die Cutter

The Crest Rotary Die Cutter is designed to perform a variety of winding, laminating and cutting techniques, from cutting, kiss cutting, quillotine-cutting to punching, scoring and slitting on many different materials, such as plastic, paper, foam, rubber, foil and adhesives.

  • Production speed free adjustable up to 70 m/min.
  • Modular system with interchangeable units such as: Wind & Unwind units, Laminating unit, Stacker, Die-cut, Web control, Slitting, Crosscutting, Register units and Custom solutions
  • Easy switching between units for several production runs (11 or 17 tooling positions available)
  • Open machine construction for easy process setup, but completely closable to avoid dust

Multi Wall Cutter

The Crest Multi Wall Cutter has been specifically developed to cut polycarbonate multiwall sheets with a blade, instead of using a saw. Because of this cutting technique there is no swarf and no air gun needed to blow the sheets clean.

  • Clean edges (no damages)
  • No swarf, no air gun needed
  • No burrs, no damage to tape
  • Easy operating
  • Time saving
  • Better working conditions, less absenteeism

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