Glass Panel Laminator

The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is developed to apply protective foil on one or both sides of glass panels. This solution is perfect for:

  • Touch screens
  • Dashboard screens
  • Small glass sheets
  • Mirrors, etc.

The machine is equipped with driven rubberized laminating rollers to apply the film to the glass plates. The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is supplied with two conveyors to load the glass plates in the correct position and to collect the glass plates behind the machine.

This machine can be custom made. Please let us know what your wishes are.

Generic, multifunctional and reliable


  • Able to laminate a protective film on both the upper or the lower side of the glass panels
  • The glass can be entered by hand, conveyed from a washing machine or placed by a robot
  • It is specifically designed to handle glass with care and apply the protection foil with ultimate precision
  • It can be equipped with a printer for indication marks, serial numbers, production checks etc.

The design can be altered to meet specific requests