Laminator Slitter

The Crest Laminator Slitter is developed to laminate different adhesives and films to foam materials and slitting it to the desired width before rewinding on a roll. Fast switching between materials can be done by the rotary carousel mechanism. With the lifting system on top of the laminator, the operator is able to change the rolls of material quickly and safely.
With adjustable added (internal and external) heat, the process can be optimized to perfection for each material.

This machine can be custom made. Please let us know what your wishes are.


  • Manually adjustable rotary carousel for fast changing of materials
  • One-pass process: equipped with a dual laminating unit to laminate up to 2 materials simultaneously
  • Internal and external heating to optimize process parameters
  • Smart PLC system and an easy to control HMI touch screen panel
  • Designed for processing rolls up to ΓΈ1200mm
  • The materials can be cut lengthwise up to a maximum of 12 strips
  • The design can be altered to meet specific requests