Rotary Die Cutter


The Crest Rotary Die Cutter is designed to perform a variety of winding, laminating and cutting techniques, from cutting, kiss cutting, quillotine-cutting to punching, scoring and slitting on many different materials, such as plastic, paper, foam, rubber, foil and adhesives. Due to its modular system up to 17 different application units can be applied and interchanged with ease. This makes the Rotary Die Cutter especially convenient for different products and processes.

This machine can be custom made. Please let us know what your wishes are.

Key Features

  • Modular system with interchangeable units
  • Units can be placed on every desired position
  • Units centrally driven by timing belt
  • Control panel on sliding rail
  • Simple operation
  • Open machine construction for easy setup
  • Available in different widths

The design can be altered to meet specific requests

Crest Rotary Die Cutter