Sheet Laminator

The Crest Sheet Laminator is developed to laminate a film to individual sheets, such as paper and plastics. After the lamination of the materials, the sheets will be cross-cutt in order to separate them into individual sheets again after which the sheets are being placed on a stacking table.

This machine can be custom made. Please let us know what your wishes are.


  • Sheets are placed in the laminator fully automatically by means of a pick&place unit with suction cups
  • Ionization rods to prevent or reduce static charge
  • The sheet feeder is adjustable for sheet sizes between 500mm and 1650mm with a stacking height up to 250mm
  • Smart PLC system and an easy to control HMI touch screen panel
  • Suitable for many types of materials
  • Stacking table for sheets up to 1650mm long and 1250mm wide

The design can be altered to meet specific requests