As no other party, we can service, repair and deliver spare-parts from stock for your Sallmetall laminators and cutters.

Crest has its roots in Sallmetall. Quite some employees of Crest Dutch Machinery worked for Sallmetall in the past, which ensures that we have all the unique know-how, original technical documentation (manuals, etc.) and spare-parts in house.

We service amongst others the Sallmetall Estat1400, Estat1600, S650, S880, S1350, S1400, S1600, S2000, Budget Lami, BL1050, BL1300, Photostat, Vista and the MSL range, Toner Transfer Laminators TTL1600, UTL1600, HSTL1600, Heavy Duty (board) Cutters HDC305, HDC 155 HDC205 HDC255.