Sheet to sheet

This type of lamination process is about converting sheet materials whereby the end result is on a sheet as well.

The Crest lamination machinery which are designed for sheet to sheet processes are suitable for a large variety of materials in different sizes, such as:

  • glass
  • plastic
  • paper
  • metal
  • foam
  • rubber


The advantage of a sheet to sheet process is that almost every material can be laminated or processed. It causes a certain freedom of size and shape which makes it possible to laminate for example round objects easier.


Flat Door Laminator

Large Nip Laminator

The user-friendly Large Nip Laminator has been developed for professional and industrial applications in all areas involved in the production, manufacturing and processing panels up to 130mm in thickness, like for example doors.

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Laminator Fly Cutter

Laminator Fly Cutter

The Crest Laminator Fly Cutter has been specifically developed to laminate various sorts of sheets, single or double-sided, hot or cold. Ingeniously engineered to separate laminated sheets automatically, the fly cutting system ensures a non-stop production process, especially suitable for polyurethane foam, or even wood.

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Glass Panel Laminator

The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is developed to apply protective foil on one or both sides of glass panels. This solution is perfect for:

  • Touch screens
  • Dashboard screens
  • Small glass sheets
  • Mirrors, etc.

The machine is equipped with driven rubberized laminating rollers to apply the film to the glass plates. The Crest Glass Panel Laminator is supplied with two conveyors to load the glass plates in the correct position and to collect the glass plates behind the machine.

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The Crest TS laminator is a high quality lamination machine using heat and high pressure. The machine is very suitable to apply a protective laminate on top of UV printed substrates for example. The TS’s special characteristics avoid silvering effects when applying pressure sensitive laminates on rough surfaces and UV printed material.

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The Crest ES 1600 is a multi-functional machine for high-quality laminations, panel mounting of images and encapsulation of prints. The machine is available in a 2 and 4 laminating roller version. The Crest machine is suitable for pressure and heat-sensitive lamination and encapsulation processes. It is able to process various types of lamination and encapsulation supplies.

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